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If you’re new to freelancing or looking for a side gig, explore easy-to-learn freelancing jobs first. These simple jobs have low barriers to entry. But they also have great potential for upskilling so that you can get more lucrative job offers. Here are some simple freelancing jobs you can try.

1. Post Social Media Updates

  • Search for this role: Social Media Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator

If you love spending time on social media, why not get paid for it? As a social media coordinator, you’ll post and create social media content for brands. These jobs require good writing and grammar skills, a keen eye for design, and a basic understanding of SEO and social media trends.

You must be comfortable communicating online through social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Aside from posting and creating captions and graphics, you might be asked to produce other media like video scripts and reels.

Before applying for a social media coordinator job, familiarize yourself with the best tools to analyze social media performance. Job descriptions usually require an understanding of Google Analytics, so that you can start with it. Adding social media scheduling apps like Buffer to your arsenal would also be an advantage.

Social media coordinator is an in-demand skill that pays around $44,500/year, according to Glassdoor. As you progress, upskill to become a social media manager, SEO strategist, or content strategist.

Invest in free courses online, but take the ones with certificates to build your credibility. To get an overview of digital marketing and social media skills, check out Google Digital Garage’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

2. Write Podcast Show Notes

Podium AI podcast show notes generated from an mp3 of David Whyte's poem true love

  • Search for this role: Podcast Show Notes Writer

Writing show notes can be an excellent freelancing job if you’re a podcast enthusiast. Show notes are summaries of podcast episodes that help listeners understand what the episode is about. Podcast show notes writers need excellent writing skills and a good ear for detail.

Podcast show notes vary in length, but they usually contain a summary, links to external resources mentioned in the podcast (e.g., links to guests and sources), and a call to action (e.g., subscribe). For long-form show notes, you can include a short guest bio and time stamps, so listeners can quickly tune in to the main points from the episode.

You can use AI writing tools like Podium, especially when working on multiple projects. Podium writes engaging copy; however, you still need to clean it up. In the photo above, we uploaded an MP3 of a David Whyte poem. The AI couldn’t distinguish it as poetry, so you’d have to tweak the copy to make it relevant.

Podcast show notes writers’ rates vary on Upwork, ranging from $10-$150, depending on the experience and service. To land higher-paying freelance projects, offer a complete podcast package, and learn how to become a podcast editor. Include podcast editing, audio transcription, and SEO-friendly podcast show notes in your services.

3. Enter and Clean Data

Monday app sample data entry order form

  • Search for this role: Data Entry Specialist, Data Entry Expert, Data Entry Support, Data Entry Assistant

Data entry involves typing data into a spreadsheet, database, or word processing program. Data entry specialists are expected to type fast and accurately, be organized, and have a basic understanding of Excel or other data entry software.

Your day-to-day tasks usually include the following:

  • Compiling and sorting data sources
  • Reviewing data sources for missing or inaccurate information
  • Removing duplicate data
  • Typing data into a spreadsheet, database, or document
  • Updating and merging data

Expect to compete with many beginner freelancers for data entry positions. But you can get ahead by upskilling and advertising efficient services on freelancing platforms. Learn some hacks to help you type faster and stay updated on the new Excel functions you need to know about. You can also explore apps like Monday, which allow you to use data entry templates and export them as Excel files.

Data entry specialists are paid around $39,000/year, according to Glassdoor. Develop other skills, so you can charge higher on freelancing platforms. Some useful skills to master are data conversion, data mining, web research, data collection, and CRM data management.

4. Design on Canva

Sample Canva Instagram Design for Computer Literacy Day

  • Search for this role: Canva Graphic Designer, Canva Design Expert, or Graphic Designer

If you have a knack for art and design, mastering graphic design on Canva can be an excellent freelancing job. With Canva’s drag-and-drop features, you’ll quickly get the hang of creating logos, slideshow presentations, and social media graphics.

Canva’s designers get their clients from top freelancing platforms like Upwork. Unfortunately, competing on these platforms is hard when you’re new. Start with the places to showcase your graphic design when you don’t have clients, like YouTube or Instagram. You’ll build a following and a solid portfolio through consistent content creation.

It’s easy to create template designs on Canva, but if you want to get premium clients, offer unique designs. Freelancers on Upwork charge around $10-$300, depending on experience and the package offered. If you want to charge a higher price, build your portfolio and learn digital typography, photo editing, photography, and design theory.

If you plan to make designing on Canva your bread and butter, getting a Canva Pro subscription would be a wise investment. With Canva Pro, you get a wide range of stock photos, graphics, audio, and video. You can also access features such as a background remover and resize tools.

5. Record Voice-Overs

Audacity sample voice over recording

  • Search for this role: Voice-Over Artist or Voice Actor

If you have an appealing voice and decent acting skills, try becoming a voice-over artist. Voice actors are needed for various projects, such as commercials, audiobooks, animation, video games, documentaries, TV dramas, corporate videos, and podcasts.

You can learn from other voice actors through YouTube videos. But if you want to build your confidence and get expert feedback, enroll in a voice acting school near your area or hire a voice acting coach. They’ll teach you best practices such as character research and role preparation.

Glassdoor’s salary rates show that voice actors earn around $47,000/year. You can start by downloading a free recording app like Audacity and setting it up with a good-quality mic for your demos. Later on, invest in professional-grade equipment to take your recordings to the next level. Developing your audio editing skills, so you can edit your own voice-overs would also be helpful.

6. Transcribe Video or Audio

Otter AI showing a video transcript sample

  • Search for this role: Transcriptionist

Transcribing video or audio is a simple freelancing job that involves listening to audio or video recordings and typing out the words. For this role, you need excellent listening, typing, and editing skills.

Transcription can take hours if you do it without the help of transcription tools, so it’s best to invest in AI transcription tools such as Otter. However, don’t expect the AI to create an accurate transcription every time, as the photo above shows. Research, editing, and proofreading are essential skills, even if you use transcription tools. Expect to clean up sentences, research jargon, and identify speakers in the recordings.

Upwork’s transcriptionists charge $10-$400 per project, depending on experience and services. As AI becomes smarter and does more heavy lifting, you must develop your editing and customer service skills to remain relevant. Also, consider learning and offering transcription services in another language besides English.

7. Label Online Content

Data Annotation on CVAT

  • Search for this role: Image Labeler, Data Labeler, Data Annotator, Data Annotation Specialist, Image Data Quality Reviewer

As a data annotator, you’ll be responsible for labeling data to improve the accuracy of AI tools. Your main task is to provide context to machines by tagging unlabeled data such as text, images, videos, and audio files. If you’re a beginner, clients will train you in using data annotation software like CVAT.

According to Research and Markets, the data annotation tools industry is experiencing steady growth because of artificial intelligence, rising demand, and strategic investments by key players. Take advantage of this growth by developing soft skills like time management to deliver your projects more efficiently.

Develop your skills by mastering data annotation tools, staying updated on machine learning trends, and learning management skills. You can aim for a manager position and train and supervise a team of human labelers in the future.

Try These Simple, Upskillable Freelance Jobs Today

Freelancing can be a rewarding career path, but it can take time to decide where to start. Go over this list first, and look for a job that you’re most interested in and that resonates with your skill set.

Once you’ve decided on a role, competing against thousands of other freelancers will be the next hurdle in your freelance career. Get out of your comfort zone and practice the tips to get more clients.

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Make money with Oziconnect referral program
Make money with Oziconnect referral program
Make money with Oziconnect referral program
Make money with Oziconnect referral program
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